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Some experts define the ideal weight as "one to which an individual is at ease, allowing it to develop normally all biological functions".
Note that for the same height, some people feel best at 60 kg i.e., while others do so at 50 or 55 kg. This concept is based on certain physiological basis: all individuals are different; there are differences in the mean muscle mass / fat mass, hormone secretions, muscle innervations, and so on. The height, then, is just one of many parameters to estimate the optimal theoretical weight.

We also think that men have greater bone development and muscles are heavier than fat tissue. That is why tables are designed theoretical weight tables for men and women.
Ideal weight is a goal pursued by many people, but what does it really mean? Ideal weight is actually a widely accepted BMI chart (Body Mass Index) with average values.
Other measures are obtained by dividing the weight to height. Usually a person decides to lower her/his weight not for a health issue, but for aesthetic reasons.





Some comments:
With age, it is normal get fatter
Popular belief says that with age it is normal to gain weight. This is totally false. But it has been recorded on people by ill prepared reports.
Lose weight and easily retrieve good tonus
There are other several reasons, but generally, people are dieting for a wedding, summer, etc. This means that, for most individual cases, when the diet is abandoned, weight returns as quickly as it went away.
The important thing is to have lasting dietary habits with a reliable calorie diet plan.
I diet and hunger, I have no control!
Firstly, a diet that makes you go hungry this poorly prepared. Weight loss is not about abstaining from all foods.
Learn to eat properly, be educated to choose organic foods that you like, take some time and don't rush the digestion.

Do not ever go hungry on a diet.
A diet that makes you go hungry is poorly developed. Try to improve it by discussing with a nutritionist.
Before menstruation, I feel fatter
This is due to fluid retention that occurs before menstruation; but it disappears after menstruation.

height weight chart for women

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