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If you want to know what would be your ideal weight, here will fin the help you need to answer that question. What is the connection between weight and height? It must first be understood that "fair" weight varies with the complexion of the person. Everyone has a different body. In the tables of weight-height, height is just one of several parameters that can be taken into consideration when calculating the optimal weight. Even with different people, the same height can have different weights and yet all be in a proper weight.

As mentioned, the body conformation is considered one of the most important variables. The diameter of the shoulders is the one that indicates whether this is small, medium, or large. Each of these types corresponds to a range from the perimeter of the wrist. By this logic, the perimeter of the wrist corresponds to the thickness of the skeleton in general. If you're skinny, you are below 16 cm, average, median: 16 cm to 18 cm and wide, 18 cm to 22 cm, solid, more than 20 cm.






After 25 years we usually keep the same weight, with some exceptions from the forty years, where we usually have small increases. Another factor that makes the difference in weight: sex type. Men have higher bone mass and muscle. Given this, special tables are designed for men.

Any way, note that the ideal weight is defined as "the one in which an individual is at ease, allowing him to develop normally all biological functions".
So do not despair if your weight does not match the expected one for a draw.

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