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Ideal weight charts are most commonly found in books and magazines, but the weights listed there are only statistical averages.

Some experts define the ideal weight issue as "one to which an individual is at ease, allowing it to develop normally, while all biological functions are successfully completed".
Note that with the same height, some people do just fine at 60 kg, while others do also great at 50 or 55 kg, for example. This concept is based on certain physiological basis: all individuals are different; there are differences in the mean muscle mass / fat mass, hormone secretions, muscle innervations, and so on. The height, then, is just one of many parameters to estimate the optimal theoretical weight.

The vast majority of nutrition experts consider the "complexion" as a basic parameter: the diameter of the shoulders, very variable according to each person, indicates whether it is small, medium or large. Within each complexion can be establised a special range, based on the perimeter of the wrist:

-Weak: below 16 cm
- Medium: 16 to 18 cm
- Wide: 18 to 20 cm
- Solid: above 20 cm


The perimeter of the wrist is covered by low-fat and muscle thickness, thus indicating information on the general skeleton weight (skeleton may be light, medium or heavy).
In terms of age, you must keep the same weight from approximately 25 years, with slight increases after the fourth decade. It is natural for a woman to experience a weight gain after menopause, with redistribution of body fat. On the other hand, women of childbearing age increase in weight in the days before menstruation, which is considered normal, while not exceeding 2 kg.

Sex type is another determinant of weight. Men have further development of bones and muscles, and muscles is heavier than fat tissue. That is why charts are designed as theoretical tables.

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